The First Price Comparison Site For Services

The Internet Is Great For Instantly Comparing Prices On Goods, But What About Everything Else?

Items like furnace repair, medical treatment, in-ground pool installation or insurance typically require a custom quote - which means first giving your personal information. If you're just trying to get an idea of costs, giving your name, email, phone number and more information can be premature - and annyoing!

service cost comparison

allPRICER is the first price comparison service for custom quoted, estimated or proposal-specific goods or services. You can view actual quotes and estimates given to others who have similar requirements - without providing any personal information first. Then, if you are interested in an actual quote or estimate based on your exact needs, you can use allPRICER to request one directly from any of the vendors, providers and suppliers whose quotes and profiles looked attractive to you.

It's simple, easy and gives you a powerful tool for finding the best combination of price and quality.

Remember: You are never required to give any type of personal information in order to view past quotes. The lists are summaries of past quotes, estimates and proposals given through allPRICER to those who requested more customized quotes.

However, if you want to help grow this valuable database, please do request your own custom quotes from vendors, suppliers and providers who have their summaries listed. When they respond, we'll add only the pricing and descriptions to our data base. (All Pricer requires suppliers to send a copy of their quotes, estimates and proposals to us so we can display a "blind" summary of them for others to see.) We NEVER list any personal information that could identify an individual nor is that information stored on any public server.

You'll notice that there are no names of companies on the quotation listings. This is to allow vendors and suppliers to be free to list their lowest prices -including special offers and discounts - to those who are viewing their prices and fees through this unique service. There is information about the quoting source in general such as the areas they service, years in existence and ratings where applicable. (If the person is acting as an agent or reseller, this information is generally listed.) When providing more specific quotes or estimates, vendors, suppliers and providers are encouraged to offer much more detail about their goods and services. And of course, by requesting a custom quote, you'll know specific company information including their name, location, contact information and more. AllpricerallPRICER's categories are constantly growing, with more quotes added every day. So come back often to check the areas you are considering making a purchase in. A few of our current focus items include:

-Dental discount programs

-Individual dental insurance

-Group dental insurance

Comparing prices, fees, estimates and quotes through allPRICER is the fastest and easiest way to get an idea of the cost of an item - before you call a sales person. Try it and see if your cost research and comparison shopping for services and custom quoted items gets much easier.